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What is graphic design?
Graphic design is the craft of planning and creating visual content to communicate ideas and messages. Graphic design is everywhere you look — from billboards to cereal boxes to mobile apps. Through incorporating different elements and principles, these designs can influence our perception and emotions.

Where do I learn graphic design?
The great thing about graphic design is opportunities are everywhere to learn it. You can learn on Youtube, Skill Share, College and Career Academy, a University, or learn by yourself.

Where can I work as a  graphic designer?
Pretty much anywhere! Some of the more coveted spots are working for places like sports teams, record labels, and TV networks. However, a lot of graphic designers choose to work for themselves and travel sine the work can be done pretty much anywhere you can use your computer.

How much do graphic designers make?
Graphic designers can actually make really good money if their style and skills are in demand. The career is much like investing money, it takes a while to build up your portfolio and your value. A lot of people use graphic design as a secondary income since a lot of it is flexible.

What is the best parts of  working in graphic design?
Seeing something you created help a business grow. Another big win is when you see a billboard with your desing on it, or someone wearing a shirt you designed. For each designer their answer is probably different.

What is the worst part of graphic design?
Dealing with customers who do not understand the design process. Or clients who take a really nice design and mess it up by changing elements. Customers are also the hardest part of the industry to learn.

How do I know if I am a fit for graphic design?
There are many ways to determine it, but the easiest is by determining your path first. This will tell you where your passion lies and how to capitalize on it.

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