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Develop your logo

Write copy

(as needed)

How do we do all of this in one day?

By having you here we know immediately if you like a direction, if not we stop immediately and refocus. The standard way would have us finish it, send it to you, get feedback, go erase what you don’t like, start all over, and continue this maddening pattern that no one likes.

Shouldn't it be cheaper since it is only one day?

No, although you will only need to focus one day on this we have days of pre-work before you even arrive. We also have a firm belief we are saving you money by not having to carry on this process for weeks and months on end.

Really one day, we take one full day to focus on no one but you and your brand. No other clients, no other phone calls, you are center stage with our creative team.

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what is launch pad?

Launchpad is an intensive one day process to fine tune your brand. During this process we will:

lenny study.png
lenny writing.png
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Design and build your website

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Design & order marketing materials

Why one day?

A lot of time and excitement is lost during the process of designing your logo and website. A constant back and forth can extend a website construction phase into a 3-4 month process. By you being with us for a full day we are able to build the excitement and cut down on all of the back and forth communication. This not only lowers the stress level immensely, it also allows you to hit the ground running the next day instead of having to stop numerous times to critique work and layouts. Your time is worth a lot of money, setting aside one day to do this allows you to minimize downtime and concentrate on your business.

Is it really one day?

Mostly, we do have to get you to answer a questionnaire and meet with us for approximately 60 minutes beforehand so we have a direction to start with. Other than that, yes, it is one day.

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